The Lizard Story

slept very late last night.. u know why? NO, im not doing stuff over the internet, and NO, we're not chatting.. lemme tell u the freakin' story..

i was busy doing some stuff online, when something's tapping the plastic in the corner of our room.. ang tunog nya prang may nalalaglag dun s plastic.. that happened thrice, pro we didn't bother to check it.. so we decided to sleep.. ayun nnmn, so i asked honey to check it out, bka mamya snake n un! so he did, guess what? it was a GIGANTIC lizard, twas huge as in HUGE.. mga isang dangkal ko, kcng taba ng index finger ng normal guy.. Eeww! and it's color black, prang maliit n crocs.. i hate it! nsa lapag xa so i cant sleep, the whole time i was checkin kung san ngpunta un.. bka mamaya katabi ko na.. im screaming, paranoid tlg, konting may dumikit lng skin nag pupumiglas at sumusigaw ako.. kainis! then i saw it nsa wall na.. im so happy, i switched on the lights nakita ko na 2 pla cla.. isang balck isang white.. ng aaway cla, tpos kinagat nun black un white, nlaglag dun s plastic, un pla ung tumutunog.. umakyat n un black, so un white na nalaglag di parin umaakyat, so i was waiting tlg.. wla padin! i waited for so long, i didn't realized nakatulog n pla ko..

in short, i was sleep deprived because of 2 GIGANTIC LIZARDS!


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