My Love For Asian Drama

I got no sleep this past few days and NO it's not because of school.. Lately, I’ve been addicted to K-dramas that I no longer want to sleep until im really passed out!

I started my first Asian-Novela with “Meteor Garden” which is a taiwanese drama, that time im already contented just watching on TV, Since then I started liking Asian Drama since it’s different from the typical “Pinoy-Style”..

Dao ming si’ (idk if I got the spelling correct, but whatever!) He’s the first character I fell in love with.. the bad boy type who loves deeply.. awww! and of course the rest of the F4..

After Meteor Garden many Asian Dramas followed, but they are all just MEH.. they’re OK but not as great as Meteor Garden..

so when ABS-CBN launched the Korean version of the famous F4 that made me CRAZZZY! i watched the first episode on ABS, but i want more so i asked my hubby to buy me a DVD asap!!! so he did, and i watched all episode in two days, i think..

"Gu Jun Pyo" or the 'Dao ming si-korean-version' is super LOOOOVE!!! he stole my heart.. LOL! F4 korean Version is 9/10.. 9 because i hate the ending.. i feel like something is missing.. i want more cheesy moments between jan di and gu jun pyo.. or they should at least show how jan di got accepted by his evil mom..

After that i found out that the original version of F4 is made by japan, many forums said that japanese is the best version, so i tried it as well.. BUT for me twas' plain.. nothing great compared to the K-Version..

Gu Jun Pyo or Lee min ho in real life is still my NO. 1!!! a few days ago, i saw on ABS that Lee min ho have an upcoming K-drama, it's called "Personal Taste".. it'll be up on ABS soon.. but since i am addicted to him i searched for online streaming, i finished the drama in 4 days since our stupid DSL connection is acting up, but oh well it's all worth it! i give Personal Taste a 9/10.. twas' light and sweet, it has it's funny and sad moments as well! this is the first k-drama that has a happy ending..

then now here come this new k-drama aired on ABS @ 5:30 (M to F) "He's Beautiful" or you're beautiful in korea.. i just finished watching it yesterday @ 4am.. when i first saw the trailer i thought twas silly as "hana kimi".. but after watching the 1st epidode on ABS i realized that i am sooo wrong.. so again, i immediately searched for OL streaming.. twas super cool.. no dull moments, it made me cry, it made me laugh.. sometimes i feel stupid because im hysterically laughing @ 4am, alone! it was 10/10 though i hate how it ends.. the ending is super sweet but again something is missing.. korea always do that! the overall story was superb but they always leave something for imagination at the end.. gosh I hate that!!!

Anyways “Tae kyung” or Jang Geun-seok in real life, the leading man in you're beautiful was awesome so as the rest of the A.N.JELL band!!! ♥

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